Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Country Life

Down to my mother’s for a taste of country living. A sheep got into the garden and had to be persuaded to leave, after which we needed to patch up the fence it had butted down. While we were doing this the dog came padding up with a myxamatoxic rabbit in her jaws. My mother led her back to the house and swapped her the rabbit for a dog biscuit. “Later,” she said, “I’ll throw it over the fence and hope the foxes eat it.”

My mother’s friend- the one without the social skills- wanted to get me talking about God. “So, Anthony, what are your conclusions?” “There is mystery,”I said, “and that’s all I know.” “But you must agree that there is something bigger that you are, she persisted. “Lots of things are bigger than I am,” I said. Then Ailz intervened and rescued me; “like horses,” she said.
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