Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Happy Outcome

There was a big upset over at theferrett 's place the other day. I don't know quite what caused it, but it was something to do with trans-sexuals. He got a huge amount of horrid nastiness flung at him- and deleted his LJ.  His world isn't my world so he's not on my fl, but he's good people and one of our best writers- and I check in on him every so often for the pleasure of reading someone who is honest, original, funny and fearless.  It made me very happy this morning to see that he was back.

PS: No sooner do I post this than I find he's deleted again. Never mind; I have reason to believe it's only a temporary expedient.

PPS: Ignore the postscript. He hasn't deleted again. As pondhopper kindly pointed out, I got his name ever so slightly wrong. This has now been rectified.

PPPS: Actually, ignore the post-postscript, it seems that there are two ferrets- one who has deleted and one who hasn't. My ferret is still gone. I think.

PPPPS. No he hasn't. And that's because he's not a ferret but a ferrett. Sheesh. Thanks to purple_pen for pointing this out.
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