Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Warwick And Stratford

We stopped for tea at Lord Leycester's Hospital in Warwick. It's a hospital in the medieval sense of the word- meaning something more like a retirement home- in this case for old soldiers. The old soldiers are still in place- after nearly 500 years, but the public spaces are open to the public, there's a small military museum- and, of course, the tearoom. It looks like this.

We bought sandwiches in the Warwick Sainsbury's and ate them by the river in Stratford. There were losts of boats on the water- most of them sculled by girls- and even more swans.

Oh look, a cygnet!

They don't let you take pictures during a performance- and quite right too-  but don't mind you snapping away beforehand; so here's the stage of the Courtyard Theatre as it was at the beginning of the play.

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