Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Expenses Scandal

Stephen Fry is right; the expenses scandal is trivial. It isn't like faking the evidence for a war or buggering up an economy. Besides, everyone fiddles on their expenses, don't they? If we're getting so aerated about it, it's not because we're really so shocked by these particular infringements but because those other, badder things have happened.  The intensity of the furore is a sign of how deep into injury time this government now is. Early on in the history of Nu-Labour Tony Blair could (and should) have been kicked out over the Bernie Ecclestone affair- you know, exempting Formula One from the ban on tobacco advertising at just the time that Ecclestone was making a million pound donation to party funds; that was much worse than this- but we let him get away with it because he still carried our hopes for renewal and reform. Now, it's a decade or more later, we're sick to death of these people- and we'll beat them with any stick or switch that falls into our hands. 
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