Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

So They Didn't Go Into The Waste Bin....

Ian Hamilton Finlay is the most important Scottish artist of the 20th century (my opinion). I knew him very briefly- and then he fell out with me because he was a wee bit crazy and I was very young and out of my depth and didn't know how to handle him (can you feel the self-pity?)  My friend Stephen- who introduced me to Finlay and was one of the few people who never forfeited his trust-  has been going through the Finlay papers which are stored at the Memorial Union in Bloomington, Indiana- and says there are letters from me and my mother in the stash- as I suppose there would be. Ah!  I suppose I'm pleased: something of mine- but not anything I would have chosen- is going to last forever. I just hope I didn't write anything too gauche or pretentious or gushing...

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