Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Baby Care

We looked after the baby for four hours yesterday.  In the course of those four hours we fed him twice (once successfully) put him to bed twice and changed his nappy once.  Also we dandled him, talked rubbish to him and sang him silly songs- oh, and watched some ghastly, shrieky, hyperactive C Beebies show about chuffer trains and cheeky monkies.

It must be twenty five years since I was last  in charge of a baby,  but you never lose the knack.

What a mercy we forget our baby days!  It must be a horrid life.  I imagine the reason they cry on waking is because they're devastated to find it wasn't all a dream and they're still trapped in a helpless, disobedient body with a brain that's only partly tuned in. "Oh shit, I've still got months more of this- Gaaaaaaah!"

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