Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Easter Sunday

As it's Easter I wore my sandals for the first time this year. Barring really cruddy weather and formal events like weddings I expect to wear them all the time now until it's winter.  

Ourdert is in Liverpool and Jennifer didn't show- so no baby-wrangling in church this morning.

Graham took the last words of Mark's Gospel as his text. "For they were afraid". I just looked them up in the Bible my granny gave me, only to find the relevant page was stuck to the page before it with a little drop of dried gloop. How odd! When did I ever eat dinner with my Bible open in front of me? The gloop had fallen on the word "ghost". If I worked hard enough I might be able to wrestle some significance from this.

If anything were ever going to convince me that the resurrection was an historical event it would be that the women at the tomb were afraid.  It's psychologically true. They weren't happy but afraid. They had run up against the uncanny and were experiencing the same fear that prevents people from reporting UFO sightings to the authorities.

Here's something my friend seraphimsigrist said a few days ago: "Easter is the inner Truth of Reality."

And here are a few lines of verse I found in my head this morning, which suit the season as well as my sandals do.  I've seen them attributed to Dame Julian of Norwich (who said something similar) but they belong in fact to another Dame- the 20th century poet, Edith Sitwell- and come from a poem of hers called "Eurydice".

"Love is not changed by death
And nothing is lost
And all in the end is harvest."

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