Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Recession, Ghosts, Signs Of Spring

Ailz and Ruth went shopping at the Trafford Centre yesterday. The Trafford Centre is a monument to the Consumer Boom- a showy mass of domes and statues and Palladian facades- like the Vatican City done on the cheap. Ailz came back with photos on her phone that look like they were shot in Vegas- a big fountain with nymphs- and a more than life-size statue of the divine Augustus with what might be an Italian city square in the background.  They gave my shutter finger the itch. I've always hated the place and all it stands for, but that may change now the Boom is over. It aped history and now it's becoming history.  It'll make a lovely ruin. 

carl9whalley  dropped by.  He says business is picking up again- and he has several jobs lined up. I take this as a sign that people are getting accustomed and bedded in to the recession. They've realised it could last for years- and  know they really can't wait for it to be over to get the back room painted or the floorboards buffed.

He  had a ghost story for me too. The electric door bell at the house he's just finished doing up kept ringing.  He and his son answered it.  No-one there.  He thinks it might have something to do with the owner keeping her late husband's ashes on the sideboard.

Talking about ghosts, here's a little chap Ailz brought back from The Trafford Centre. You push a button in his back and his eyes light up and he gibbers.

The kids from down the road were noisy last night- skriking like a hedge full of sparrows, flirting, stirring up the neighbourhood watchdogs, knocking back the vodka in soft drink bottles- a sure sign that spring is in the air. I put the front room light on to let them know they were under adult supervision. As long as they don't break things- and they didn't- I'm happy enough.  I notice this morning there's a splash of something that looks remarkably like candy-coloured vomit outside our gate.
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