Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Local Haunting

Carl's daughter and her husband are tenants of a haunted house. You name it, they've got it- sounds, apparitions, poltergeist phenomena.  Carl says he'd take it all with a pinch of salt if his son-in-law weren't a thorough-going sceptic- and the most unlikely person to be either imaging things- or making them up.

It's a new house- a rented property- and the last tenants left in a hurry.  From the beginning N and M heard noises- but all houses creak and settle and one soon gets used to it- but then...

M was in the house alone. His nephew- who is staying with them- was out for the night and M decided to sleep in the nephew's room because it has a TV. He woke in the night to hear someone enter the room and walk to the side of the bed.  He opened his eyes and saw a blurry  figure against the curtains. He assumed it was the nephew- come home unexpectedly- and thought no more about it.

Only, of course, next day he was still alone in the house- and when he rang his nephew to check, the lad said he'd been out all night.

There were other happenings. A glass flew off a work top, Carl's wife felt icy breath on her neck.

And then one evening M and N were in the lounge, watching TV, when the baby suddenly started screaming. They ran upstairs-  to find the cot had been moved clear across the room and the child's lip was bleeding.

So now they're moving. Luckily- if that's the right word- the landlord has already voided the lease by not fixing the central heating when he said he was going to- and N and M are free to go without forfeit.

A day or so after the incident with the cot, Carl went up to the baby's room and told the haunter to stop bothering his family or they'd have him to deal with. Carl is good with ghosts- They tend to seek him out- and he's been told more than once he needs to train as a medium. He says he felt the temperature rise and the jittery atmosphere lift.

All we know about the history of the house is that it stands on what was formerly the site of an old cotton mill.
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