Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Considering My Options

Ailz and I have been thinking that  we should check out the Unitarian church- that maybe we'd find we were Unitarians.

So I was reading up about them. They're OK.  Maybe a little on the serious side. I can't find anything to disagree with.

But they're a gang. And I don't want to join a gang. I don't want to go round sporting gang colours.

It suits me better to be out on the margins. It always has done.

Which is why it works for me to attend an Anglican church. Anglicanism is the state religion and everyone who isn't specifically something else is Anglican by default.  Anglicanism isn't a gang; it's an atmosphere. If I became a Unitarian I'd be signing up for something, but by continuing as an Anglican I'm just going to church. There's a difference.
I've always been afraid of being co-opted, of becoming one of the crowd.

Or worse, of becoming a spokesman for a particular crowd- where you have to say what the crowd thinks (which is actually what the leader of the crowd thinks) not what you think yourself.

You see them on TV-  the spokesmen and spokeswomen. So carefully turned out, so carefully spoken.

I pity them.

I was like that when I was a vicar. It killed the mischief in me. And what's the use of a priest without mischief?
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