Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


The boiler broke down Saturday night- so we were back to electric fires and hot water bottles on Sunday. It was no hardship. I wonder how much we'd save if we turned the central heating off full-time.

The engineer arrived Monday morning.  "Do you use a lot of olive oil?" he asked. I boggled a bit- and he said that a plug socket inside the boiler was all gunked up with something that looked like olive oil- and this was causing fuses to blow. There was so much of it- this oily stuff- that it had collected in pools inside the casing. Where the hell had it come from? The boiler is high up on the wall so it isn't a spill- and if it had condensed out of the air from all the frying we do there'd surely be oil all over the kitchen- and there isn't.   The engineer couldn't come up with an explanation and neither can I. Weird!
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