Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

I Surprise Myself

Yesterday morning we were in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is one of the two places I think of as "home".

I climbed the Tor as I always do. Dion Fortune says the air at the top is full of sparkles- and I can't think of a better way of putting it. On this occasion it made me feel very heavy and earthbound. I addressed myself to the genius locii and said, "Guidance would be nice".

I came back down and rejoined Ailz and Ruth in the town- and then I surprised myself. We went down a wynd- and there was a shop there called The Witchcraft Experience or something of the sort- and I insisted we went in- and first I bought a pendant in the shape of a viulva- which I wore for the rest of the day- and then an amber ring for Ailz and a pentacle ring for myself.

Will I wear this to church on Sunday?

But of course.

Because Jesus is not enough. He's the god of the public temple I can get to most easily- so convenience comes into it- but I have to say I've never really loved him. Tipharetic Sun Gods aren't particularly lovable. They're too bright and shiny. Did anyone ever love- as opposed to adore- Apollo?  I need other Gods in my life.

Especially I need Her.

They have a Temple of the Goddess in a yard in Glastonbury. You go up wooden steps into an upper room. You take off your shoes- as if it were a mosque- and leave them by the door. There was a woman at the back arranging flowers. The shrine is Hindu or Catholic in its over-the-topness, with incense and taped music and lots and lots of images. The central image is a terracotta statue of Herself as Crone in a cloaked hood carrying Her staff. I could look at images of Jesus all day and feel nothing in particular- except admiration for the artistry- but show me any image of Her....

I lit a couple of candles- and promised I'd rebuild our temple at home- in some form or other.
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