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Tony Grist

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Most Haunted Live [Jan. 12th, 2009|10:37 am]
Tony Grist
I've followed Most Haunted on and off through most of its seasons. It hasn't changed much- and certainly not for the better. There's always been an small element of serious psychic research, but it hasn't got any smarter or more cunning- and the presenters, in spite of all their experience, are still the same ignorant Scoobies they always were. If anything the Barnumism has got brassier. The latest Most Haunted Live- which is running all through this week-  is billed as a Search for Evil.  Evil? Ghosts aren't evil- well, most of them aren't- more like sad, embittered, guilty, bewildered, needy- and after 12 seasons in the field Yvette and her gang ought to know that. They also- surely- ought to be pretty hardened to what they do- so why all the screaming?

When Derek Acorah got bounced off the show for brass-necked faking and was replaced as resident medium by David Wells it seemed as though cynicism didn't entirely rule. Wells wasn't showy, he knew his stuff- and seemed to be working hard to keep things honest- and respectful (because, after all, we are supposed to be dealing with the dead).   Since he left (probably out of disenchantment- but he's too nice to say so) they've struggled to find an adequate replacement.  At present they're working with a two man team- one of whom- Billy Roberts- I've had passing contact with. Nuff said.

I would dearly love for there to be a programme that took psychic research seriously. But I suppose long vigils, under tight controls, during which nothing much happened wouldn't make for particularly stirring viewing. Ah, well...

[User Picture]From: petercampbell
2009-01-12 07:28 pm (UTC)
We always watch Most Haunted. There's so many dubious pleasures: Stuart and Karl's hammed up battles with malevolent spirits, Yvette's goth outfit of the week, Ciaran's barely suppressed smirks, Cath's inevitable screaming fits. Taken for what it is, a romp around some famous and beautiful landmarks, it's good fun and it still produces the odd chill. As you say though, a serious show it's not, and never has been.
You'll be overjoyed to hear, incidentally, that Billy Roberts is going to the main medium once this series ends...
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2009-01-12 07:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's addictive...

It's a bit like a soap. The characters are vivid- and in most cases both endearing and irritating. Derek Acorah- fearful old rogue that he is- was hugely entertaining.

I also enjoy Yvette's mangling of the English language.

So Billy's set to be a fixture. Heigh-ho!
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