Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Christmas Round-up

That was the best Christmas ever. Well maybe not literally ever, but at least since the ones I remember (faintly) from very early childhood.  Christmas Day was great, the wedding was great (and while all that was going on my daughter was getting married in Vegas- which is equally great), the family party up here was great- and- also- with all sorts of long-term implications- I seem to have turned my life around.

I was in a heightened state of awareness through much of the Christmas period. As I've said before, it was as if I were looking down on myself from a height. A couple of odd things happened.

I had a dream where I was looking in a mirror- and this rather plain, young woman looked back at me. She had  her hair bobbed- like Clara Bow. I believe in reincarnation and...well, I don't think dreams prove anything, but this is one I don't want to forget.

We were exploring Hadlow churchyard and Ailz was talking to the Goddess (as she does) and she asked her if it was OK if we started going to church again. Then she looked down and saw a £2 coin at her feet.  Ailz says the Goddess finds this whole church-going thing of ours rather charming- and amusing.

Oh- and one other thing- while we were at my mother's house some non-corporeal person juggled the pills around in my compartmented pill-box. Nice to know you're still around, XXXX, you mischievous spirit, you!

So Christmas is over, and I'm back in the "real" world again. It made me sad to be taking down the tree- but the sadness didn't last, because the new-found sense of purpose is still there.  I was coasting last year. Now I feel like there's something out there for me to do. I don't exactly know what it is- but I'm excited about it.

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