Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The New Dr Who And A Family Party

I got one thing right: they didn't choose any of the front-runners. I saw Matt Smith in The Ruby in the Smoke- in which he held his own against Billy Piper.  The lad's got presence- and an interesting face.  His age doesn't bother me. When you're closing in on 60, as I am- and older than Billy Hartnell was when he created the role- the difference between boyish-looking David Tennant (aged 37) and not so boyish-looking Smith (aged 26) is pretty academic;  as far as I'm concerned, they're both children.

We were at the family party at Nicola and John's when the news came through. It was a lovely party. And Nic's chocolate and vanilla cheesecake was to die for.

Here are Nic and John

And here's Jake

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