Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Jonathan Creek: The Grinning Man

I love a locked room mystery- and this was a good one.

I miss Caroline Quentin. Did she leave under a cloud or something?  Creek's line last night about "Carla and the other one" seemed distinctly ungenerous. She and Davies were a great Holmes and Watson act.

I miss Anthony Head too. The guy who took over as the oily magician is- well- just too oily.

Two hours was too long. I mean, that's half an hour longer than a regular, old-style, feature film. The subplot- about Mr Oily and the pneumatic porn actress was very broad-brush- and it was hard to see why it was there except as padding. Creek is fluff- and you don't need fluff to last two hours.

Sheridan Smith is fun. I'd be very happy if Renwick were to write more episodes- and she stayed on board.
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