Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Come Back Leni Riefenstahl- All Is Forgiven

The guy who was favourite to light the Olympic flame (a national hero in Greece) is under suspicion of being a drugs cheat. Here we go again!

Who cares whether this years crop of pampered darlings gets to run a little faster or jump a little further than their predecessors did four years ago? It's a freak show- and the nationalism is disgusting.

I watched the Sydney Olympics for the scenery. I don't remember any of the sports events, but I remember the blue waters of the harbour and the the beautiful palm-lined streets. I guess Athens should offer something similar. It's the events that take place outside the stadium that I'm looking forward to- olive groves, crags and ruined temples, with lightly-clad bodies moving elegantly across the foreground.
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