Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Mostly About Illness Of One Kind Or Another

One of the rabbits is at the vets today. She has an abcess. Our best guess is she somehow managed to impale herself on one of the sticks we give her to chew on. Rabbits don't register pain but I imagine they feel it. Poor thing.

It seems odd to be buying medical care for an animal other people regard as a gourmet treat- and which my mother's dog kills for fun.

I watched the first episode of Survivors last night. Or rather I watched some of it, then switched off.  People were dying of flu- as we'd been told they would in the advance publicity.  They died and they died and they died- for a full hour of screen time.    It was the most redundant thing I've ever seen.  It's not as if the characters of the "survivors" needed much introduction, because they are generic - housewife, doctor, playboy, convict- and uniformly dull.  If the makers had studied previous examples of the genre- from Robinson Crusoe to 28 Days- they'd have known it's not the initial diaster that provides the drama, it's the dealing with it afterwards. And flu- I ask you- what could be more depressing?

I had my flu jab a month ago so I don't think it's flu I'm coming down with- just a cold. But, "bother, bother, bother," all the same. 


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