Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Einstein And Eddington

Einstein was a world bestriding genius with a puckish streak of mischief,  Eddington was the straightest man in England : together- though physically separated by the first world war- they established the Theory of General Relativity.

It was a clunky play-  a succession of stand-up confrontations and meaningful exchanges- and remarkably un-lifelike.  Was Sir Oliver Lodge really such a flouncing diva? I doubt it. Still it taught me a bit of history I hadn't known- and I had the pleasure of watching my two favourite actors in action.

David Tennant holding himself in, restraining his inner demons as Eddington, Andy Serkis letting his rip as Einstein. What an adorable imp Einstein was- and how remarkably fearless!   Now I want to see Serkis play Picasso. He has the eyes for it.

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