Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I may have posted this picture earlier in the year, but never mind if I did. This is Kipling's Sussex home, "Bateman's". 

And here's the water mill at the bottom of his garden, where Dan and Una met Hal O' The Draft- and where,  in Below The Mill Dam, he imagines the spirit of the Mill wheel- somewhat senile- repeating its own entry in the Domesday Book to itself...

"Here Azor, a freeman, held one rod, but it never paid geld. Nun-nun-nunquam geldavit. here Reinbert has one villein and four cottars with one plough- and wood for six hogs and two fisheries of sixpence and a mill of ten shillings- unun molinum- one mill. Reinbert's mill- Robert's Mill. then and afterwards and now- tunc et post et modo- Robert's Mill. Book- Book- Domesday Book!"

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