Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


After a pause in Sunderland to buy lunch, we turned right and headed home through Yorkshire. We stopped at Rievaux Abbey- a small detour that entailed climbing Sutton Bank- one of the steepest roads in Britain- and nearly getting killed on a narrow, winding, country lane by a speeding 4X4.

Rievaux was the first Cistercian house in the north of England. Even today it's a secret place-  a long way from the major roads. They charge you an exorbitant amount to park - £6.00, refundable at the gate- to deter the fell-walkers who clog up the car park with no intention of visiting the abbey.

There's a notice in the gents (probably in the ladies too) asking you not to wash your muddy boots in the sink.

I've been here before- once, twice, I forget how often- but never when the sun was shining.

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