Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Always Look On The Bright Side

I posted something really sour- about how you keep seeing the same old faces again and again on the telly. It stayed posted for about a minute- you may have even had time to read it- but then I deleted it. I don't want to become known for being sour.

I'm a crotchety old sod, more crotchety in real life than on line, but I'm trying hard to keep myself in check-  trying to play nice. It's a ghastly, old world, but we're all in it together and what's the point in adding to the negativity?

I've been reading David Foster Wallace. I hadn't heard of him before the suicide. I've read his piece on the Caribbean Cruise and his piece about 911. Here's a guy who found life so hideous he checked out prematurely, but he strove and struggled in his writing to be humane, witty, positive.  I respect that.
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