Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Hard Times...

This summer has been so wet!  Lovely weather for slugs. Ailz got up in the middle of the night a few weeks back and found no fewer than 14 of 'em sliming their way round the kitchen.

But not good weather for farmers. Apparently we can expect a  grain shortage. And a grain shortage means higher prices on bread and flour.

To add to all the other higher prices.

We're preparing for a tough winter. Energy prices have gone up so much we're not going to be able to have the central heating running like we're used to.

So we've laid in a stock of fleeces and woolies and we're hanging curtains in doorways.

And since there could well be power cuts- what with little Mr Milliband sticking out his little pink tongue at the Russians- we've made sure we've got lots of candles and tea lights.

Ailz has been trawling survivalist sites. Did you know you can use tea lights to boil a kettle?

It's raining again this morning. You can feel the chill in the air. The leaves are coming down.

An Indian summer would be nice.

We've just booked a mini-break in January- with Ruth- in deepest, dampest Somerset (rooms £9 apiece).  It's something to look forward to.
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