Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sales Talk

We're getting in quotes on replacement windows.

Tuesday a guy came round, measured up, said he'd put a quote in the post for us- and was gone in 20 minutes. That's what we want.

Yesterday a second guy came round and, in spite of us telling him we didn't have the money, that we were applying for a grant, that there was no way we'd sign on the spot, tried to hustle us into closing the deal. He was here for two hours. He was hawking a good product and, if he hadn't been so pushy, might well have got our business. As it is, no way!

When a salesman starts off his spiel by telling you he isn't a salesman you know you're in for the hard sell. I think these guys need to wise up. We've seen the hidden camera footage of salesmen in training , we've watched Glengarry Glenross, we know the secrets- and for every potential customer who falls for the patter there must be another who's repulsed by it.
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