Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ex Nihilo

And here's another...


                                    EX NIHILO


                                    After you left

                                    I gave myself

                                    To silence and

                                    The pulsing quartz

                                    Of the carriage clock

                                    Till dancers came...


                                    Out on the water

                                    Lies an island.

                                    Round that island

                                    Stand tall oaks.

                                    Through that grove

                                    The dancers circle.


                                    Though it was night the grove was lit

                                    With a steady blaze.  The dancers leaped

                                    Like flames of it.  They were spirit beings,

                                    Shimmering with quartzy fire,

                                    Sexless and impersonal.

                                    Shimmying round the brilliant grove,

                                    They did the dance that makes the world,

                                    Spinning a bright illusion of

                                    Oaks, island, lapping water,

                                    Throwing it out like a Catherine wheel.


                                    So, you had gone.

                                    Our making love

                                    Was a memory

                                    Of flesh like fire.

                                    Now time extended

                                    Once again,

                                    Night pulsed

                                    In the carriage clock

                                    Once again-

                                    And spirits twirled

                                    The bright world out of


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