Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Weather Prophet

 Here's a poem from 20 years ago- unlike anything I might (or could) write now.  

                                   THE WEATHER PROPHET


                                    I stroke her dusty hair.

                                    My hand drops to her shoulder.

                                    Touching helps to quieten

                                    The mind's unending palaver.

                                    Whether we serve the flesh,

                                    Our Indian teachers have explained,

                                    Or rarify the spirit,

                                    Still we are on the Way.


                                    Reaching across the board,

                                    My fingers touch her fingers.

                                    My eyes detain her eyes;

                                    I think of infinite distance.

                                    High on his minaret,

                                    Scenting the distant mountain snows,

                                    The great king's weather prophet

                                    Gives himself to the sky.

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