Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Winterbourne Monkton

We had discussed the possibility of stopping off somewhere on the way home-  maybe spending another night away- so when I saw that our route took us close to Marlborough and Marlborough is only six miles from Avebury I suggested a sharp left turn.

This is the second time we've visited Avebury this year. 

We stayed in Winterbourne Monkton, at a country inn, down a road only wide enough for a single car, tractor or waggon to pass. The inn used to be labourers' cottages, but then the Victorians put a brave face upon it- and now, as the landlady said sadly, there aren't any labourers and the farmers have to bring in seasonal workers. There were photographs on the wall showing the Inn around 1900, with the old lady who presumably owned it and her children and grandchildren- and I thought, it''s only an eyelid's blink since these were taken but everyone in them is dead now, even the grandchildren.

Winterbourne is the name of the local stream- which turns into the Kennet when it reaches Avebury. The village belonged to the monks of Glastonbury (which makes a link between my two favourite places on the planet)- hence the appendage Monkton (monks'  town). The church of St Mary Magdalene is pretty-plain. Last time we were here- in 1991- it was redundant but now- in a wonderful reversal of the normal trends- they're holding services again.

Also it has an amazing font.
To be continued....
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