Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


I used to like a glass of wine. With a meal. If I was cooking.  Not any more. These days I reach for the lemonade. 

We were out to dinner at a very fine restaurant the other night. Some of the party were drinking wine but I was happy with iced water. Ailz ordered a cider and shared some of the bottle with me. I didn't particularly want her to.

Non-alcoholic apple juice would have been just as nice. No- nicer. 

The change has come about gradually, without incident, over- say- the last 6 months. 

(I'm not going teetotal. This isn't about ideology. Well, maybe a teensy-weensy bit. I've never liked pubs and I'm a bit old-maidish around the alcohol culture. I've just been reading about Dylan Thomas. What a tiresome man! How I'd have hated him!)

Children rarely like the taste of alcohol. They have to be taught - conditioned- broken in.  Between 16 and 56 I was under the impression I enjoyed the stuff. I wonder if I ever really did.  Now that I'm approaching my second childhood- and no longer under pressure to impress and compete with other adults- I can say what I really think.

It tastes horrid and makes me feel poorly.

Take the nasty stuff away.
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