Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Disjointed Thoughts About the Convention

I've never paid this much attention to an American political convention before. I guess I've fallen for the hype about this being the most important election since whenever.

I don't mind if Kerry is dull. Dull politicians can be good news. Harry S Truman for example. Actually, with his shambling frame and craggy face, Kerry reminds me of Abe Lincoln.

And I don't mind that he's a career politician. Career politicians are the ones who know how the machine works. Who would you rather have flying your plane, a seasoned airline pilot or a lawyer or oil company exec who's only ever helmed a Lear?

Edwards is charismatic? He looks like a gerbil and he's got a whiny voice. And people, those eyes are cold, cold, cold!

Edwards looks like Chekhov. I don't mean Anton Pavlovich, I mean the Beatley guy off the bridge of the Enterprise. The difference is that Chekhov had a better haircut. Edwards's hair belongs on the head of a side-kick from a bad Elvis movie.

Talking about haircuts, why don't any of these people have hair that moves?

In order to gain office in a democracy you have to eat crow. Shakespeare wrote about this in Coriolanus. Pretty clever of him, seeing as how he'd only ever lived under an absolute monarchy.

Maybe if one was at the Convention one would get caught up in the group mind. Watching it on TV, one sees how the magic is worked- the parading of stars, the mood music, the schmaltz. The only speaker I saw who cut through the phoniness was Clinton. Maybe that's because Clinto has access to a higher magic.

The contract between ruler and ruled: you get to boss us around, we get to take the piss.

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