Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Alice came by for lunch- on her way home from doing a Sweat Lodge (research for her book) in the Lake District- and we had a lovely afternoon of  psychometry. She has the gift. I had her do a reading of the pen knife I inherited from my father (her grandfather)- and she told me things about him- about his inner life- which ring true and which make me wish I'd made a connection with the person he really was while he was still around. He could be great fun- and I never saw that in him- except perhaps in my far childhood. I wonder now why we were so guarded around one another when we are- actually- so very much alike. Maybe it had something to do with him having such a formal relationship with his own father- which meant that the only model of fatherhood he had was looming, booming  patriarchy- and since that wasn't really who he was he opted out and went to dig the garden instead.  

I have the gift too- though I'm very "aw shucks" about it. I read Alice's bracelet and got a set of images and impressions- at least two of which were right on the money. 

I had her read the old rings I bought off eBay. they were sold as "Roman"- though this probably only means they werre found by metal detectorists. She got bad vibes off one of them. She said the guy who'd worn it as a pinkie ring was a nast, abusive paedophile. Ailz promptly stuck it in a wooden goblet to contain the energy. Others had belonged to a peasant woman living in the Mediterranean hills and a not very successful flautist. The one i wear on a chain round my neck- the one I have attachment to-  belonged to a boy sailor who drowned at sea; it had originally been his mother's. "He wishes he could have had a proper burial," said Alice. 

She did Ailz a tarot reading. Grungey times ahead. Well, that's no big surprise.....

I took some pictures. She probably won't like them. The best of them catch who she is when she isn't thinking about the camera.

I just want to put it on record that I'm very proud of her. And love her very much. 

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