Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Mike's Website

This is my son Mike's birthday. 

Happy birthday, manfalling.

He writes "weird fiction" (his description) and blogs about life in Japan. His excellent new website (with links to published stories) is here. Check it out! 

Yeah, I know I'm his dad and I'm prejudiced, but he really is good. If I thought he was crap, I'd just keep quiet about him. His best stories- Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand for instance- go places no-one else has gone before. And he loves language. The characters in his Jabbler Mons universe speak a dialect that melds King James Bible with Lancashire with Lewis Carroll- yeasty, preposterous, hi-falutin. He's funny but he can also hit the heights and make your spine tingle. Sure, I'm proud; he's an original.
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