Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Events Of The Last 24 Hours

We had a good time. I knew we would once we actually stepped out over the threshold.

Tony and we have several friends in common. At the reception we found ourselves seated with a group of people who all more or less knew one another. The couple we are closest to had a five year old when we last saw them; they now have a teenager- plus a kid we never met before.  Of course the kids dominated the conversation. One small boy was tearing up napkins to make himself first a hat, then a mask, then a moustache and beard. The daughter who was a five year old but is now a teenager didn't remember us but politely said it was because she has a very bad memory. I said it would be a marvel if she remembered anything that happened when she was five. She said she didn't remember much about being a child, but she did have a memory of being a baby and lying in her cot. I said that that was pretty impressive. 

We stayed in the Preston Travel Lodge overnight. They give you a buffet breakfast for £7.50. On the drive back we listened to a 1948 recording of Gielgud's Hamlet- old fashioned but still vivid and intelligent and- of course- beautifully spoken . Then we arrived home to find our newly installed boiler wasn't working. We contacted those responsible and they have things in hand. Ailz suggested I put a hat on because most of one's body heat escapes through the top of one's head. And you know what? She's right! Here I am, sitting at the computer, with no heating on, wearing a hat like a tea cosy and I'm all toasty-warm.
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