Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Olympic Flame

First thing that happened was a man came from the crowd and tried to grab the torch out of the hands of its bearer.  There was a tussle and the man ended up on the floor with policemen all over him. A little further down the road someone tried to dowse the torch with a fire extinguisher.

After that the authorities weren't taking any chances. The police guard grew and grew. Every time the torch was handed from runner to runner it happened within a triple wall of bodies- Chinese heavies on the inside, then two rings of British police. There continued to be attempts to reach the torch or to wave a Tibetan flag at it, but they were easily swatted aside or squashed. 

I felt proud of my countrymen and women who wouldn't let this thing happen without a shout and a little ashamed of those who collaborated. It's a pity the torch didn't end up in the Thames, but never mind;  the images have been beamed all round the world and the point made- the only way you get to celebrate your filthy regime in our free city is if you surround its travelling advertisement with orcs.
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