Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

I'm Feeling Jaundiced Today

1. The mistake was to eat muesli last thing at night, but I was a bit upset about stuff I'm not going to go into here and I did it for comfort. Only it's not very comforting to be hit by acid reflux as you're falling asleep and bounce out of bed choking and then wind up crawling about on the bathroom floor with this awful burning sensation spread through your upper chest and the taste of long dead fish in your mouth thinking- hmmm, I wonder if this is what it feels like to die?

2. I love Orson Welles, but his Macbeth is really bad. It displays the old actor manager's fault of not caring about the supporting cast. The acting is terrible and everyone- including Welles himself- struggles with the Scottish accent. Shakespeare wasn't writing for a star, he was writing for an ensemble. He builds meaning through interaction- which is really no more than to say he's a dramatist- and if the minor roles are skimped all you're left with is some guy standing in the spotlight, reciting poetry.  

3. Gordon Brown wants us to have this national debate about Britishness. And he wants it because- as a Scottish MP standing for a Scottish seat in a Scotland which now has its own parliament-  his right to dictate to the English is questionable. The Scots and the Welsh refuse to think of themselves as British and the English don't care- which leaves Brown and his acolytes preaching to an empty church. Lord Goldsmith- Tony Blair's Lord Chancellor- the poodle's poodle- who very publicly changed his view of the legitimacy of the Iraq adventure to please his master-  has come up with a proposal that school-leavers should enhance their Britishness by swearing an oath of loyalty to the queen. Peter Riddell, the Times cartoonist, sums up the national reaction to this with a cartoon showing two hoodies and a party chick lined up beside a portrait of Her Maj going, "sh*t", "cr*p", "b*ll*cks". 


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