Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Antique Fabrics Fair

I was tempted by a bowler hat. I could have got it for as little as £5.00.  But when I tried it on Ailz and the stall-holder chorused that it made me look like Stan Laurel- so I gave it a miss.

Manchester holds these fairs yearly. They're run by the Textile Society.  Our friend Margot- who does clever things with velvet- organised this one and Ailz helped her out with the paperwork. 

We turned up this morning before the dealers did and Ailz ran up and down the aisles in her wheelchair to make sure they were wide enough to meet health and safety rules. There was lots of covetable stuff.  Ailz bought a cap (which might have been from the '60s but probably not) and I lost a phone. The tea and coffee were horrible.

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