Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Religious fundamentalism thrives in deserts. The Middle East (obviously) and (less obviously) rural Texas- where George W Bush grew up.

I've just been reading an article about W's home town of Midland. Nothing there but grit and oil and everyone believes in the Rapture.

Why? Well I guess that kind of landscape isn't conducive to the kind of romantic nature worship that has softened European Christianity. The bushes (no word-play intended) either grow spikes or they burn. No leaves, no flowers, no green pastures for the sheep to lie down beside.

A simple landscape gives birth to a simple faith.

A violent landscape gives birth to a violent faith.

Jihad, crusade, apocalypse. In a place where life struggles against the environment it's easier to believe, and even love, a doctrine of the imminent End of the World.
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