Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Don't Wash the Windows

This is an early 20th century terrace house. I bought it because I liked the period features- high ceilings, cornices, stained glass.

WARNING: Early 20th century stained glass isn't stained at all- it's painted. Try washing your windows on the inside and the colour comes off on the rag.

I love this house, but there's one big problem- it's very narrow and the rooms are such odd shapes. We're continually rearranging the furniture to achieve the optimum effect and we never do. craftyailz finds this spiritually bracing. I find it a pain.

We're moving furniture this morning. manfalling is coming to stay and we need the middle bedroom to look a little less like a warehouse. Goodbye cardboard boxes; welcome home, Mike!
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