Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Not Very Sparkling

Ailz went to the family party and I stayed at home. I felt too buggered to cope even with Elmore Leonard- so I watched Robin Hood- which must be one of the silliest programmes ever.

Which prompts an aside about Dr Who. I've always been a fan of Russell T. Davies and ready to defend him against most charges, but the Christmas Special found him shamelessly recycling old ideas- his own and other people's- and it's clearly time he handed over the reins. I'm thinking it'll make a difference having Catherine Tate on board. An established comedian as Doctor's companion- it's bound to affect the way the writers write.

Anyway it seems I was missed (at the family party). Nick and John (my sort of niece and nephew) missed me so much they want to come and visit. Of course I'm flattered. I'm a grumpy, dry, old cove who increasing doesn't give a fart what people think of him- and maybe that's missable. I dunno. The less you try to sparkle, the more interesting you become; does that make any sense?
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