Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


 Alan lived with Pat.  They weren't a couple; there was no blood link. He was a slow learner and she had been his teacher.  After he left school he got a factory job but his mother couldn't be relied on to get him up for work so he moved in with Pat who could. The arrangement lasted over thirty years. Ailz also lived with Pat for a while. Pat's a wonderful lady who never had children of her own but has a gift for stepping in and taking over when mothers fail.

Ailz went up to Pat's yesterday. She was there when the nice undertaker lady called. There's going to be a post-mortem and- barring complications- the funeral will take place on Friday afternoon. 

Ailz came home with a bag full of things Alan no longer needs- like curry sauces and pasta (which Pat won't eat) and big chunky mugs (Pat uses cups). One of the mugs- the one Ailz is drinking coffee from as I write- has Homer Simpson on it. Another carries a risque joke about nuts and spanners.
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