Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Christmas Cards

Last year we didn't send out any Christmas cards. This year we're sending out a very few. I've just been writing them. I believe today is the last day one can get away with using second class stamps.

There's no real pattern to the way Ailz and I observe Christmas. Sometimes we bother, sometimes we don't.  It's as the mood takes us. Last year we put up a Christmas tree but didn't send cards. This year we're sending cards but haven't put up a tree. 

The people I'm sending cards to are an odd bunch- an ex girlfriend, an ex-boss, a woman whose friendship I sort of inherited from my first wife and with whom I used to share an interest in radical theology. Most of the people I love have dropped from sight:  these few, random fellow pilgrims remain.

Ailz lost a childhood friend yesterday. He died suddenly in his sleep. He always said he wouldn't make 50- and he didn't-  by 5 months.  I wonder how he knew?
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