Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


So how should we take that ending now?  Mick Travis and his mates on the chapel rool- blasting away with machine guns and mortars at the parents and honoured guests in their ridiculous fancy dress- It's a bit Gilbert and Sullivan, isn't it?

Because the revolution didn't happen. The seventies came next -and all that parodic silliness. Thatcherism was a revolution of sorts, I suppose- but not the kind of revolution Lindsay Anderson wanted.

And with the prophecy unfulfilled what you're left with is little more than a revenge fantasy. 

As revenge fantasy's go it's a good'un. When Christine Noonan plants a bullet in Peter Jeffery's forehead I'm cheering.

My headmaster was just like Jeffrey's character- profoundly conservative with a flashy liberal veneer- and clueless, utterly clueless.

But we've seen real school shootings in recent years. They're not like this. 

My generation failed in its promise. That's what If says to me now. Where does Mick Travis go from here? The famous last stand on the chapel roof is witless, pointless, futile- so much meaningless violence. The only way they'll come down is dead or in handcuffs- and nothing will have changed.
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