Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Blowing Up Kittens And Machine-Gunning The Undead

All Ailz's fault. She was on her Friends of the Rabbits site and someone had posted a free game which involved firing kittens from a long-armed cannon and getting them to bounce off stashes of dynamite. Irresistible. And then I moved to an honest to goodness zombie shoot'emup and I was hooked for the evening. 

I don't do games as a rule. I know how addictive they are. Also I'm not very good at them. My reactions and hand-eye co-ordination are rubbish. But I did once get very, very good at Space Invaders because my wife had left me or I'd left her and I didn't have a job 

Which only goes to show there's always a silver lining. I may have been in the gutter but I could blow things out of the sky for three hours at stretch and never die.  In the end I jacked it in because it gets very boring being immortal.
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