Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What's Cooking

The last time we cooked steak and kidney we did it in the oven for too long and with the heat turned up too high. The stupid thing is I could smell it burning but refused to believe my nose. This can't be happening, therefore it isn't. 

This time we cooked it in the slow cooker- which uses about as much power as a light bulb and would take days to burn anything. 

Steak and kidney- with the emphasis on the kidney- was one of the things I most missed when I was a vegetarian. Top of the list was bacon, but steak and kidney came in at number two. Number three was pork crackling.

I've taken to eating bacon for lunch. Either I fry it  with eggs and tomatoes or I cut it up small, fry it to a crisp and scatter it over pasta. 
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