Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Twilight On The Field Of Reeds

All the poems I've ever posted on LJ are now collected in the Memories file. To celebrate here's an addition to their number- 



The old Egyptians are winking out

On the astral- so my informant claims.

Her theory is they rely on us

Thinking about them, speaking their names

To raise the psychic energies

That keep them in the Field of Reeds,

But now our input is dropping off

Which makes her sad because she’s a fan

Of theirs and on the way to becoming

An adept in Egyptian magic.

Me, I’m much less sympathetic.

Haven’t they had their money’s worth,

I ask, of feasts and dancing girls

And all the things you see them doing

In murals- shooting ducks for instance

Or spearing hippopotami?

Isn’t it time they got in touch

With how things are back here on earth

Where all that stiff, hieratic grace

No longer cuts it, but (thank heaven)

Artificial hips are in

And dental care is a lot improved?

You’ve rested up, so come on,  guys,

Go get yourselves an incarnation.

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