Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The King's Pleasure

This is another poem I don't agree with anymore. I guess it came out of the Clinton years. But it's simply not true that great leaders are necessarily sex-fiends. Lincoln, for example, was quite austere (wasn't he?) and Churchill, from what I've read, was more interested in brandy and cigars. Ah well....



JFK would snatch at snatch

Off corridors between meetings and briefings.

And shower his thirty seconds of gold

On girls who gulped for gratitude.


Well, most of them did,


                             But the guy held steady

And saved the world from going kerblooey

In ‘62.


          Now the ancient Irish

Believed that their king should shag a mare

At his  coronation.(I guess he stood

On a stool to do it.) the idea being

That only a fella so goofy for sex

He could get it up for a horse’s arse

Was fit to rule


                             For without a doubt

The emperors of carnality

Are often the best men, the staunch in a test men

The most creative....


                             And hence that song

In which an ogress with huge peg teeth

Invites the king for a ride on her hide

And he goes because he’s chivalrous.

But when he wakes he finds she’s a girl

With bright gold hair and the bones of a bird.

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