Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Most Haunted Live V Medium

I had a problem last night. The double bill of Medium on the Sci-fi channel was directly up against the three hour Most Haunted Live Halloween Special on Living. In the event I sort of solved it by majoring on Medium and flipping over to Most Haunted Live during the commercial breaks. I seem to have caught all the grooviest bits- the bit where David Wells described the dead people he was seeing, the bit where Yvette got them (the dead people) to sing to her, the bit where the witch (who was dead) threatened the team and David explained how he'd strengthened the protections because this ghost meant business.

David Wells is cute. Unlike the bombastic Derek Acorah (whom he replaced after Acorah was caught not only cheating but cheating lazily) he doesn't act like it's all about him.  He's openly gay, but not theatrically gay.  Also- dare I say this- I think he's honest. Yeah, yeah, I believe in this stuff- please don't make fun of me. The other night he made rather a good joke. He was apologizing for coming up with a "generic" name for one of the dead people he sees and Yvette told him not to apologize and he said, "I know, but we seem to get more Marys than I meet on my Saturday night out."

Not a lot actually happens on Most Haunted so it's possible to dodge in and out and not lose the thread. Medium, on the other hand, is smart and twisty and you'd better be paying close attention. The more seasons it puts under its belt, the more far-fetched the stories- but it hasn't yet entirely cut loose from planet Earth. The writing is neat and the acting is fabulous. And the kids who play the daughters are so brilliant I fear for them. 

This is where I should be drawing the threads together and explaining just why the TV schedules are overflowing with psychics and ghost-busters and what it says about our society- but actually I'm blowed if I know.  Sure we're anxious- and maybe tales of the Great Beyond soothe that anxiety-  but we were anxious during the Cold War too and the only spooks TV offered to comfort us then were the kind that wear tuxes and flaunt berettas. So, whatever. It's a fashion, a phase, a trend, a fad.  And I don't want it to stop.
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