Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Rambling Train Of Thought That Touches On Big Issues

I don't get handbags.

I mean they're obviously very useful things but I don't get why they've become such fetish objects.

craftyailz was in Wilmslow yesterday. She came back with horror stories about how there were handbags in the shops  with price tags of £800- and counting.

I've seen these designer handbags. They look like handbags. I don't think I've ever seen a handbag I've considered beautiful. 

I mean, it's just a bag.

Ailz doesn't think anyone should pay that sort of money for such a frivolous object. Not in a world where people are struggling to feed their children. I agree. 

Wilmslow, of course, is in WAG country. Lots of premiership footballers have houses round there. Omid Djalili was saying on Have I Got News For You last night that it shouldn't be Wives And Girlfriends because you can't really be both at once.  It should be Wives Or Girlfriends.

It took a moment for us all to get the joke....

Omid Djalili is new to me, but it seems he has a show of his own in the pipeline. I'm looking forward to it.

He's a British Iranian. Big and bald and beautiful. Two of the most amazing people I ever knew were British Iranians. 

Michael Hashemian and Sherry....? No I forget the second name. Sherry was short for Sheherezade.

There are several Michael Hashemians out there. One of them is a dentist in Florida. I don't think that's my guy but who knows? He was 19 when I knew him. A Greek God-  with brains to match his beauty.

As for Sherry- well, I remember discussing Baudelaire with her. I was a terrible prig and saving myself for marriage and she was already spoken for, but it didn't stop me fancying her like crazy. 

I am dreading the moment when Bush attacks Iran. If Brown backs him up I shall feel as if my country is no longer my country .
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