Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Elsewhere on LJ I got into a conversation about Britney Spears. This morning- as usual- the papers are full of her.  I'd rather not look but I can't help myself. It's a bit like watching a public execution. 

Or like going to Bedlam to gawp at the mad folk. 

Why are we so angry? 

I think it's because we know we've been manipulated. Here's this dancing doll who has been presented to us as something she's not  (a dewy fresh Southern virgin, a great performer, America's sweetheart) and we've had her marketed at us and marketed at us and we've bought her records in spite of a suspicion that they were kinda tacky and false- and now we've seen what's going on behind the scenes and we want revenge. Part of our anger is anger at ourselves for letting ourselves be taken in so.

Because here she is releasing another album that promotes her as this sexy thing wrapped round a dance pole when we know she's an orphan of the storm with an armoury of facial ticks who neglects her children and barely knows night from day. We'll buy it because the brand is so powerful but at the same time our consciousness of the disjunction between image and reality breeds rage.

She has come to symbolise the Lie. The Lie about human nature and the state of the world that is being continually pushed at us by politicians, advertisers, preachers,  journalists and entertainers- the Panglossian Lie that all is for the best in the Best of all Possible Worlds and you can be part of it too if you vote for me, me, me or buy this, this, this.

Britney lives the Lie- and we can see how it's turned into a nightmare for her- and yet she keeps on selling it.  Of course we're mad at her.
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