Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Return Of Woody Guthrie



Thanks to Billy Bragg and Wilco


I look past several historical epochs

To see Woody Guthrie walking his road,

With his famous machine for killing fascists

Slung from his shoulder, as jaunty as Chaplin

When at the end of a two reel movie

He toddles off not happy but free.

But Woody isn’t leaving us;

He’s coming back down the long straight road

That goes to the California hills

Through the orange groves. The songs he’s got

Are several historical epochs old,

But the music’s new. “Have the times changed?”

He asks,  and we answer “Well no, they haven’t.

We still have fascists. They’re in high places

And truth is no more popular now

Than it ever was, no more is justice

And men and women are just as good

And crappy at loving and still want to hear

Your songs about being not happy but free.”

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