Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Cardiff Bay

We've been in Cardiff for the past two nights. Why Cardiff? Well, the Travel Lodge was offering us a rate of £15 per night provided we booked long enough in advance and- from glimpses of it in Dr Who and Torchwood- we'd gathered that the new Cardiff Bay development is really handsome. It is. And exciting. Even on a wet Sunday afternoon with nobody much about it feels like a place where things are going on.

But they certainly have weather in South Wales. I've been reading Peter Finch's Real Cardiff- a sort of a guide book cum memoir of bohemian life cum essay in psycho-geography. It's very good. One thing he leaves you in no doubt about is the essential dampness of the city.  While we were there we got hit by shower after shower.  I've never seen so many rainbows in my life. 

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